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Twitter Outrage as Black Gay Male Couple AND Straight Black man Post Pics of Morning Routine with Children

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Can a Man Be Responsible for His Children?


Black Fathers Attacked by Black Social Media Followers

This post and picture has gotten hateful responses from twitter after it went viral this past week. The picture depicts a popular social media black gay couple Kordale and Kaleb who are raising 3 children along with the mother. The outrage mostly appearing to be from black men was vicious and white blogs like Queerty where the post originated reported from their perspective that comments like ‘Finally a BLACK gay ’ and ‘Well it’s good to see BLACK men taking responsibility for Black children’ as “negative.” There is truth that the depiction of gay male couples in the media are often interracial when major black celebrities come out and it appears that the white community is much more accepting. Concerning the outrage is it possible that the black community can palate then dismiss interracial couples better by viewing the black man as a traitor but seeing two black in a relationship as undeniable and deemed too much reality?  The interesting thing about the responses that we will never know is how many of the black men who posted the negative comments have a relationship and are raising their own children. In addition how much of the hatred comes from jealousy and envy from those who are unable to sustain any kind of loving relationship or from conservative religious black people. The is we all deserve to have our opinion but we are not free from hypocrisy in the process. Has the black community become so accustomed to black children being fatherless that we would prefer to see our children grow up fatherless as well or  worse yet caught up in the system of abusive foster homes. Some may ask what’s wrong with raising children to be progressive thinkers in the ever-changing world. Are the hateful responses from the black community the reason many black men remain closeted and where the birth of DL culture begins which the Black community also despises? Can we really have it both ways or simply live and let live?  If heterosexual couples raise gay children (and it happens all the time) then why can’t gay couples raise heterosexual children?

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Black Straight Father Attacked by White Social Media Followers

Ironically,  a Los Angeles heterosexual man, Doyin Richards, posted a pic of himself doing his daughter’s hair in the mirror and he was also viciously attacked this time by mostly white people on social media with comments like. ‘I would bet anything that you’re a deadbeat dad,’  and ‘Cute picture. Now why don’t you hand the children back to their mom so you can go back to selling drugs or your bootleg rap CDs?’

To add another level or irony the target in Doyin’s case ( who refuse to take responsibility for their children in any way) are also the ones (by the negative responses) who targeted Kodale and Kaleb.   Children deserve to have two parents and they deserve to be loved and cared for right?  Well if that’s the case then how is it that the oppressed turns around and becomes the oppressor without rectifying his own responsibilities to his children first?  What’s the problem, what’s the fear and why the outrage? 

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