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Tunecore Artists Earn Over $121Million in 2013

tunecore-logo-650px has done a masterful job at allowing independent artists the opportunity to have their music heard around the globe as well as make a little money in the process. 2013 was a stellar year for Tunecore’s artists and it speaks to the growth of the company and artists believing in the platform.

In a newsletter sent out to their artists congratulating them on their personal successes, Tunecore highlighted the follow points regarding artists earnings and accomplishments in 2013.

1. $371 million in ’ earnings from over 5 billion downloads and streams since TuneCore launched in 2006. Artists keep 100% of their sales revenue.

2.Over $121 million earned from 3 billion+ downloads and streams in 2013. That’s growth of 19% more dollars and 174% more downloads and streams compared to 2012.

3.TuneCore Artists represented one-third of the performers at .

4.TuneCore Artists won many industry accolades, including Grammy, CMA and YouTube music video awards.

5.TuneCore Artists hit center stage and competed successfully on for a third consecutive season.

6.Compositions from TuneCore Artists were secured for high-profile opportunities in TV, film, and advertising by our Music Creative team.

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