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Triton Digital Media announces Partnership with McVay New Media

Triton Digital, the leading supplier of digital products to the radio industry, today announced a partnership with McVay , a leading interactive consultancy. McVay offers digital consultation and activation to media companies on developing digital audience and revenue.

McVay New Media will now offer training services and consultation on developing audience and revenue using the Triton Digital suite of applications. Triton Digitalâ„¢s solution set encompasses a complete portfolio of interactive products and services to help stations deepen the relationship with their audience, and generate incremental revenue from that engagement. The platform includes website development, streaming, loyalty marketing, content, analytics and serving brand extension channels, text messaging, discovery and a of other services. Cornerstones of McVay New Mediaâ„¢s consulting service include sales training and online webinars for interactive producers and sellers, strategic guidance on content and sales development, and in-person client seminars.

Tritonâ„¢s partnership with McVay New Media includes offering the McVay digital services to broadcasters for either cash or barter allowing broadcasters flexibility in funding the build-out of their digital business.

Daniel Anstand ig, President of McVay New Media, said Å“Triton Digital Media is uniquely outfitted to empower broadcasters with best of breed technology and support. McVay New Mediaâ„¢s partnership will bring training and consultation services with Tritonâ„¢s technology to offer -impact business growth services to radio.  Mike Agovino, of Triton Media said Å“In order to succeed, stations a completely integrated platform that drives audience engagement and significant digital revenue. Our partnership with McVay New Media further underscores our commitment to grow digital business for our . McVay New Media offers the tools and training needed to educate, activate, drive audience and monetize. 