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Trick Trick Shot at Jim Jones Show (the last story we will print like this)

Perhaps we just at that point where we totally pro Obama and the positivity he brings to the black community but we have decided not to print these kinds of stories anymore unless they involve celebs. It’s just getting old….

All hop hop Popular rapper Trick Trick was shot in his hometown of during a show featuring rapper Jim this morning (March 16). Trick Trick is in a area hospital, where he is recovering from a single gunshot wound sustained during the melee. According to sources, the rapper was in the Esko Lounge in when a fight broke out around 1:30 Sources told AllHipHop.com that about 10 men rushed the lounge area, where they became involved in an altercation with Jones, of New York. Shot were fired during the fracas and Trick Trick, born Christian Mathis, was struck in the thigh while an another unidentified man was hit in the arm. Trick Trick was taken to Detroit Receiving Hospital, where he is expected to fully recover. No arrests were made as of press . A controversial personality,   Trick Trick has worked with artists like . , Eminem, Kid Rock and Ice Cube, and had recently come under criticism for his comments towards the gay community.