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OH NO: Trial Set In Radio Contest Death Case Woman Died While Trying To Win Wii

Trial Set In Contest Case Woman While Trying To Win Wii

A Sept. 8 trial has been set in the wrongful death case of a woman who died from water intoxication after a Sacramento radio station contest, KCRA 3 has learned exclusively. Jennifer Strange died in 2007 after taking part in a 107.9 The contest in an attempt to win a Wii gaming system. Competitors tried to drink as much water as they could going to the restroom.

Strange’s family is suing Sacramento, Communications Corp. and John Geary. The plaintiff and defense attorneys attended a hearing Wednesday in front of Sacramento Superior Court Judge Lloyd Phillips Wednesday, who said the trial should last through mid-. Phillips issued a gag order in the case, forbidding attorneys, plaintiffs, defendants, witnesses and potential witnesses from speaking with the .

KCRA 3 also found that another suit against the radio station and parent company, brought by other participants in the contest, was settled. Participants Lucy Davidson, Victoria Meyers and Gina Sherrod settled their personal-injury suit against the companies on Tuesday. The terms of the settlement agreement confidential. [source]

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