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TRENDING: Police Seeking Black Man in Attack of White Gay Couple in NYC BBQ Spot (vid)


UPDATE: It appears that Jonathan Snipes is the one who initiated the confrontation that made the internet rounds with him and his lover getting clubbed over the head with a chair in the restaurant. Sources in the restaurant state that Snipes knocked over the assailant’s drink and didn’t say excuse me or apologize which prompted the black man to make the comment “White f$#gots knowing over drinks.” Sources state Snipes then came back to the table and called the black man a nigger and struck him which promoted the altercation. In addition, sources state the black man who hit Snipes over the head is also gay. (Original story according to Snipes account below)

A NYC Brand Manager Jonathan Snipes was having dinner with his boyfriend in a Chelsea BBQ Spot and got news of a death in his family. He got up to leave the restaurant. In the process, he bumped into a table with black patrons and he said the men, one of whom was a 6’4 then made derogatory statements like ‘Fu$%in Fa%$ots, knockin’ over drinks.’ Snipes then states he asked the man why he said that and a fight ensued. In the video you can see Snipes being stomped by the black man then as patrons yell “Stop” and it seems the fight is over the man returns with a chair and you can literally hear the chair hit the couple’s sculls as they both pass out.  The black women in the crowd and other patrons who were yelling “Stop” then they scream.

Sgt. Lee Jones at the NYPD’s Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Public Information told Mashable.com that the victim refused medical attention at the scene and chose not to consult with the detective squad. Still, Sgt. Jones said, an investigation is ongoing for felonious assault and a possible hate crime. At press time the assailant was still at large. Some of the comments on social media pointed to the recent marches for the death of Freddie Gray and the call for justice for Black Lives Matter as a direct contradiction when it comes to black men having the same sentiment for others. (disturbing vid below). You will be seeing a lot more of this in the news over the weekend. The video was taped by Isaam Sharef who was waiting for his food in the restaurant. Chelsea is an area of NYC that is generally welcoming to all types of people.

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