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Transgender Woman in Car with Teddy Pendergrass Tells her side of the Story



In 1982, Teddy Pendergrass was on top of the world, he had just left Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes amidst dissension with Harold Melvin who many industry people state was jealous of Teddy’s appeal with the ladies and his undeniable talent. Teddy had put the group on the map and now it was time to pursue a . He was almost instantly a huge soul singing sensation who had to duck panties and bras flying on stage from women in the audience who would have given life and limb to be with him.


A man having a relationship with a transgender woman today is still considered taboo and the butt of jokes but a successful hardcore-masculine-ladies-man-superstar-soul-singer in 1982 was beyond comprehension for black women and left them sexually catatonic. They realized they really DIDN’T know … by now!  And they never, never, never did know him. At the height of his career, Teddy Pendergrass saw all hell break loose in one night.  Seeing a transgendered prostitute named Tenika Watson at a club in 1982, the singer spoke to her and was ready to leave and so was she. They got in the car and the rest is R&B history.

The world of marketing and promotion can often be unfortunate because it turns humans into products with no error stamps (at least back then) and while a man or woman should be able to date and have a relationship with whoever they want, female fans felt that Teddy was theirs and he owed it to them to be who THEY wanted him hqdefaultto be, after all, they were buying his albums, weren’t they? Just when fans were trying to get a grip on the news that he was paralyzed in the the additional shock that there was a transgendered woman in the car with him sealed his industry future and fate. Teddy Pendergrass had to have been absolutely devastated by the scandal that not only left him paralyzed but also desecrated his career as a successful R&B singing ladies man. He never addressed the situation and in the years following much speculation and distasteful jokes were made endlessly penalizing Teddy for the situation.


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  1. He didn’t let him know he was a man. Why come out now?? How much money is he getting?? More than what he was trying to get out of Teddy I bet???

  2. This article is poorly written and very difficult to read. Please use proper punctuation…it matters! I look forward to returning to the days when actual writers, write articles. And when writers take the time to proofread or hire an editor to do so before they publish.

  3. Nasty rumors as far as I am concerned, but whether or not they really are, the fact remains that Teddy was an extremely talented, extremely tenacious artist who should be remembered for that most soul stirring, soul warming music that he made so well. Rest in peace, Teddy✌️

    • Well said, if only it was NOW 2016 Teddy wouldn’t have to hide his love for her no matter her transgender status we live in a world (thank goodness) equality for all.

      Someday, kids in school will learn in history not everyone had the right to marry they will be in shock!

  4. “In this video clip, it is evident according to Tenika that her and Teddy were having a lengthy affair and they had not just met that night…” Why did the writer of this article include this sentence in the article? The person in the clip never said anything about a relationship. She said she met him once before the night of the accident and claims she “ran from him.” That’s it. There’s nothing here

  5. It appears, that; behind the scene of every person that does something GREAT and EXTRAORDINARY,
    there Arises A Shadow of Darkness that tries to destroy their Legacy and the EXTRAORDINARY BRILLIANCE and Brightness of that person’s life and what they’ve brought to the WORLD STAGE.

    ***(There always appears ANOTHER SCENE).

  6. Teddy Pendergrass was one of the best singers of all time right up there with Barry White. RIP Teddy and Barry both of you were the greatest.

  7. Who cares! His talent and soothing voice makes up for it! My beautiful daughter was created to “TURN OFF THE LIGHTS” RIP Teddy

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