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Traditional radio vs. digital audio debate Q&A with Dan Price:

Traditional radio vs. digital audio debate Q&A with :

Despite its historical resilience, some researchers say that if radio doesn’t adapt to the rise of digital, its days are numbered. According to Larry S. Miller, director of the Steinhardt Music Business Program at New York University, in the recently released white paper called Paradigm Shift, the digital disruption that has shifted all media has finally hit radio hard. (Link to Miller’s research here.)

Oink Ink Radio’s Dan Price offers his thoughts on the traditional radio versus digital audio debate. Dan is founder and executive producer of Oink Ink, a creative services firm. In a career spanning 35 years, he has written, directed and produced some of the most successful radio campaigns ever. He also has nearly a thousand national and international radio awards under his belt, and has served as Jury Chair for Cannes, One Show and Clios’ award shows.

Price says that radio had not only survived the introduction of television but also satellite networks and music streaming services — both of which were to have supplanted radio. And so, “from a historical perspective, these newer, digital competitive content providers have been introducing themselves more regularly in these past 10 years than any had in the decades before it,” Price said. “But I’m not so sure these outlets are a threat (to us and radio advertising) in as much as they might just be (for companies like ours anyway) the new definition of ‘radio’.”

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