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Is Reach Media (Tom Joyner) Suit Against Clear Channel’s V103 in Chicago “Sour Grapes?”


TJMSTopBannerDo you see why I don’t like syndication?….What in the world is THINKING? , the SEASONED veteran is STILL (apparently) steaming over the show being dropped this past spring and replaced by Steve Harvey.  Granted,  he only has a handful of Clear Channel affiliates but how will this pan out for the other stations carrying the show who may be thinking about….. ANYWAY…  Should Tom REALLY continue to bring national attention to this previously dead issue?  This simply appears… TO ME…. to be sour grapes and while he may have lost affiliate dollars, it drives my point home EVEN FURTHER about why we MUST TRIM the syndicated lard at urban radio. The money he claims to have lost is more than some MULTIPLE full timers make at some urban stations COMBINED ($116,000). Sure that amount is no drop in the bucket to the rest of us but to Tom? What’s REALLY going on with that show’s revenue? Is suing for that amount even worth the possible national repercussions? Here’s the story from the Chicago Tribune…

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