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Tom Joyner Morning Show Regular Tommy Bennett Files Complaint, States Jesse Jackson Came on to Him

 width=A regular to the Tom  Show who was also an employee of the Rev claims he was wrongfully terminated after refusing the advances of the legendary ’s reqests for . The complaint, filed with the City of Chicago’s Human Rights division, by Tommy R. Bennett, 55, lists several claims against Jackson including being  ridiculed in front of other employees as Jackson allegedly required him to perform “humiliating tasks” like escorting women to Jackson’s various , cleaning up after alleged and packing his clothing. It also includes an that Jackson asked for oral sex, according to the claim. Jackson flatly denied each claim in his response



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  1. I’m sitting here, reading this article, claiming that Jesse Jackson, the Civil Rights Pioneer has been accused of sexual harassment and my mind is working overtime trying to piece this image in my mind and it just doesn’t register. First, the accuser is 55 years of age and I know Jackson, who was old when I was a kid, should be rocking deep into his 70’s, states that Jackson approached him for oral sex. Hmm, it makes you wonder (at least it does me) what in the heck could really be going on here. I love math and this word problem doesn’t seem to have a middle or an end … only what happened that surely didn’t get started. Still, to the accuser, my hat goes off to you. You put yourself in the position when you should have manned up and set the record straight when you were tasked with such tedious jobs, as you stated.

  2. Are you suggesting that Jesse Jackson’s innocent because he’s old? Cause that makes no sense whatsoever. Old men still desire oral sex (see: Hugh Hefner). The fact that the accuser is 55 is also irrelevant.

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