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Tom Joyner Morning Show Drops Kevin Frazier Daily Segment?


I actually had a disagreement with a friend about this when was hired for . I told her he would not connect with the audience and it would not work but I had no idea it would last for 2 years (the usual contract term perhaps?). I would have cut that sheet WAY before then. My friend disagreed with me. I should have bet her money.

Kevin is GREAT on the Insider but what in Cactus Ass, Nevada made Tom hire him for the Tom Joyner Morning Show? Lawd Je. Radio “Vet”  Oscar Joyner, Tom’s son kept Frazier on for two whole years but Tom had to finally step in, stomp his cane and shout ENOUGH! Then his teeth fell out.  Joyner’s morning show has just dropped Kevin Fraizer’s daily segment. Sources inform us Frazier came to work for TJMS after the previous reporter resigned. Apparently Frazier in an effort to appease to his Insider audience did not do enough research and/or reporting on Black celebrities and the TJMS show was flooded with complaints about reports on Lindsay Lohan and the Kardashians instead of Keyshia Cole, Watermelon Oreos and Nene Leakes. In addition Frazier’s soft whispering during his reporting was allegedly annoying (and funny) to listeners. Perhaps Joyner thought Kev would give the TJMS show some publicity on The Insider as a result of the gig but those are two different audiences. We suggest Tom hire a like several other shows do to host the entertainment section next. At least they’re entertaining. (Disclaimer, this are bits and pieces of kevRoss’ dark humor, reading it may cause head-scratching, cookie-baking or deeper thinking)


  1. I dont like him on The Insider at all. He is corny as hell. Its ok to be different but this cornball takes the cake!

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