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Is Tom Joyner Leaving or Staying for the Tom Joyner Morning Show? The Truth

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Syndicated and respected TRUE Radio Legend and Icon, Tom Joyner


Radio Icon Tom Joyner Announces New 2-Year Agreement with and the Culmination of His Groundbreaking Morning Show

tom joyner, radiofacts, radio facts, reach media, fantastic voyage
Joyner signing new agreement with Urban One’s Dave Kantor

Reach Media today announced a two-year agreement that extends the in through December 31, 2019, as he culminates his trailblazing . The renewed agreement comes as the pioneer prepares to mark his 25th year in syndication (#TJMS25). To commemorate the anniversary, Joyner plans to launch a two-year-long celebration campaign, sharing events and experiences with his highlighting the past, present and future of the Tom Joyner brand. Joyner will reveal more as his show moves forward with events and activities as a lead-up to the conclusion of his iconic morning show.

Tom Joyner Marks His 25th Anniversary in Radio Syndication, He Plans to Conclude His Radio Career with a Celebration of His Daily Party with a Purpose Through December 31, 2019

In the announcement, Tom Joyner wanted everyone to know, “We’ve touched a lot of lives and we love and appreciate the millions of people who are part of the TJMS family. So much has happened since we went on the air in 1994…good and bad…and we all went through it together. Well, the Party with a Purpose isn’t over. The celebration will be epic as we remember the guests, the laughs, the tears, the bits, the unforgettable moments we’ve shared together…and, of course we’ll be new memories along the way. When we go off the air each morning, I never say goodbye…and I’m not saying it now! Here’s to much more good radio! “

tom joyner, radio facts, radiofacts, reach media
Tom Joyner joking around with in the studio

Urban One’s CEO of Reach Media and Radio One Stations, David Kantor, complimented Joyner saying, “Tom has not only advanced radio and established new mediums to inspire people, but he’s brought change to our communities on an individual level. When he says ‘I’ve got an idea,’ he pursues it with a passion and everyone is better for it. He is the best business partner and friend I could ever have.”

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  1. I’m really and truly going to miss Tom Joyner. I hate that he was moved to an AM station here in DC. The sound is terrible. I refuse to listen to Steve Harvey even with J. Anthony Brown and Russ Parr I tolerate his show for a little while. I miss Tom Joyner.

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