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Tom Joyner Blogging Live During 2nd Presidential Debate on BlackAmericaWeb.com – Join The Fly DJ’s Live Blog Party TONIGHT


What does our show, O.J. Simpson, and a live blog party have in common? They’re all topics of today’s blog. Stay with me”¦ Our show today is , a crime that knows no color, financial status, or gender. Anyone can fall victim to it. When it comes to celebrities and , I think Tina Turner is the first that comes to mind. Even though she went through a lot, her story is inspirational because she has such a good comeback story. After all, she’s on tour, and Ike is dead. Another highly publicized of domestic abuse involved O.J. and his former wife, Nicole. Coincidentally, he’s in the now, this time being convicted for robbery, his verdict coming 13 years to the day of his acquittal on the charge of murdering his ex-wife and her companion. At one time, you could hardly a black person who believed he committed those two murders. When the media realized that most thought he was innocent, they turned it into a story about race. When the verdict was read, news cameras at a restaurant in a black neighborhood in L.A. captured the patrons cheering when O.J. was acquitted, and white America has never forgotten it. O.J. became one of the most hated black men in America . But would his acquittal have had the same impact if the ex-wife he allegedly murdered had been black? I can’t think of any black-on-black crime that has had white people that enraged. The way the media hand led the O.J. case was a huge contributor to the racial division in this country and could be the reason that some white people won’t vote for Obama on November 4th. Their problem probably isn’t with Obama; their problem is seeing how happy black people will be if he wins. In tonight’s debate or the next one, I would love to see the race addressed, in the words of Luther, “if only for one night.” If not racism, at least issues that disproportionately impact us, like the huge dropout rate in inner-city schools. Tonight, we’ll the debate together tonight at my second Live Blog Party on BlackAmericaWeb.com. What issues do you want them to address? Will Barack Obama defend the horrible guilt-by-association accusations coming out of the McCain/Palin camp? Will McCain finally look Obama in the eye? Will either of them wink and give shout-outs? Let’s establish our Live Blog Party drinking game right now. Take a sip every time Barack Obama begins a sentence with “look.” And turn up your glass every time McCain says “family,” “prison,” “war” and “partner.” Take an extra gulp if he uses all four words in the same sentence. And if you’re not too hung over from the blog party drinking games, in the morning, tune in to its official afterparty — the TJMS. Let’s do it again tonight on BlackAmericaWeb.com! Join me, from 8 to 9:30 p.m. central time

Go to this link tonight: http://blackamericaweb.com/site.aspx/bawnews/blogparty100708

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