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TIME TO MOVE: My Neighbors Actually Did This!


I work from home and I use a front bedroom as an office space. From this bedroom, I can pretty much see everything on the side of my house and in the front. The house next door to me has been empty for over a year. Some inexperienced investors bought it and tried to rent it above market value. Since I’m a real estate agent, I explained to them the house was going to sit for a long time at the price they were asking. Finally their brought it down to market value (after six months) and they let an interracial couple move in. They came over here to bring me some cookies and shit and I told them I didn’t eat sweets (a lie). Since I didn’t know them very well and I’m an owner and they are renting, I wanted to see how they were as neighbors before I became friendly with them. What a great call. Their dog, a German Shepard gave birth to 7 puppies two weeks after they moved in. That made 8 dogs, plus they let a roommate move in with his 2 dogs and they have 3 cats. That’s a total of 13 animals in a medium sized 3 bedroom house. Whenever I go out on my back porch the first thing I see is a quilt full of fresh puppy shit and piss strewn over her banister and facing my house. She doesn’t hose it down or clean the quilt, she lets the shit and piss dry naturally in the sun then takes it back in the house to use again….. I know, gross isn’t it…?

I was cutting my grass the other day and noticed several piles of dog shit that did not belong to my dog. She lets the mother dog run free to shit in my grass every day. If that’s not enough, she drove over my front lawn yesterday and out of my lot, I was in awe and saw the whole thing. Just when I think I can relax a bit, her 45-year-old aspiring drummer boyfriend was playing the drums at 3AM last night when I came home from hanging in the studio with some artists/friends. You may be asking: “Kevin, as much shit as you talk, why are you not saying anything?” Well, two reasons, they are great lookouts, someone tried to break in my house this week and she stopped them and I’m moving in July…. The prices we must pay

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