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What a TIDAL Wave Weekend for the Music App Thanks to Beyoncé’

lemonade24n-10-webSometimes as a company winning is strategic, planned out, and methodical and other times it’s just pure luck if you believe luck is the divine meeting between preparation and opportunity.

TIDAL had winning weekend for several reasons. As everyone in the world knows, Beyoncé’ dropped her visual album, “Lemonade” this past weekend and the internet exploded. Actually because she released it exclusively on TIDAL, subscriptions for the music app exploded as well.

According to market monitor App Annie, Beyoncé’s exclusive moved TIDAL up more than 145 places on the chart of the most-downloaded free iOS apps in the US. With that surge, TIDAL is currently the most popular music app on the US App Store, above both Pandora and Spotify at least for now

Although we hate to mention Prince’s death as a win for TIDAL, it really was. TIDAL’s subscriptions were also up because TIDAL is the only streaming service to host his full catalogue of songs.

TIDAL’s winning weekend also illustrates the beauty of music and art. Through Beyoncé expressing sadness, anger, get-back, forgiveness, and redemption on “Lemonade” and that message resonating strongly with women to the pain everyone felt when we loss Prince, in the end, it is the music that aids us in the healing process. When music is really doing what it was meant to do and that is invoke an emotional response, the business of music capitalizes because people will support what they can feel. Just something to think about.

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