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Three Things Chance the Rapper Did This Week That Sets Him Apart from Many

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Chance the Rapper isn’t your ordinary 23 year old rapper. There are several talented rappers that rap and sing. There are others that have infused gospel into their music. There are others that give back to for their communities in a significant way. There are others that have some of America’s biggest journalists following them around and there are some that meet with politicians from time to time.

Without the support of a label but apparently a strong team, Chance did all these things in one week. Well he is always performing and his music stays in heavy rotation on the radio but this week Chance bought out the Chatham Theaters on Chicago’s south side this past Sunday for anyone to go see ’s directorial debut “Get Out.” He loved the film so much he wanted his fellow Chicagoans to go see it too. 

If that wasn’t enough he had Katie Couric sitting in Harold’s Chicken Shack on 87th street talking about his meteoric rise, regrets, education, and performing at the Grammys. This is the best Harold’s in Chicago I might add, well at least in my humble opinion. 

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