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THINK TANK: Will Talk Radio be FORCED to Change with the Age of Obama

The Clinton years literally gave birth to conservative talk radio as the previously unknown hosts like Rush Limbaugh took every opportunity to liquidate , his admistration, his decisions, character and to simply gain ratings with other right-wing pissed off and bitter conservatives. The Monika Lewinsky blowjob scand al gave conservative talk show hosts even greater license to have a field day DEMANDING that Clinton be impeached, yet with all the horrific atrocities Bush and his administration made during his outrageously embarrasing tenure, virtually nothing was said in opposition. Fast foward to 2009 with a President not only leaving, but almost being KICKED out of the Oval office with the lowest ratings of any of the previos 42 presidents before him, how well will conservative talk show hosts fair in the new democratic Obama age? Unless you are living in a cave, you are aware that the country is officially in a recession, corporations are folding daily, unemployment is at an all time high and without even mentioning the foreclosure situation BECAUSE of the Bush administration, what ground will the Rush Limbaughs have to stand on now?   Without question, the conservative talk show hosts will almost attack Obama (some already are), his policies, decisions, family and whatever else they can get their ratings-induced dirty hand s on. Perhaps our new president should consider imposing the ? But if he did, that would literally shut down not only conservative talk shows but TV news outlets as well. Soap Operas are in trouble, blaming blogs for taking over the interest of their previous audience, mark my words, this will also affect talk radio and national news too.

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