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The Top 10 Urban Programmers of All Time: Quotes on Some of the Nominees


 width=The Top 10 Urban Programmer Winners will be named January 17 in the RFFocus blog? Have you voted? (industry only please) you can do so >>> here <<<
Here’s what some of our voters had to say about Nominees….

E Rodney Jones was the programmers programmer.

Lee Michaels battled the strong competition and was constantly innovative

set the stage for many others to follow.

Barry Mayo is one of the most strategic programmers that I’ve been around.

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  1. Dave Allan gave me the biggest opportunity of my career in Philadelphia.
    Vinny Brown, Ray Boyd, and BK Kirkland saved my “radio life” at a time when i needed it.
    There are others who gave me a shot as well but these are the “urban” cats who took a chance on me.

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