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The Tom Joyner Morning Show Announces Historical Election Day Coverage from Obama Presidential Campaign Headquarters and Grant Park in Chicago

http://www.wflm.cc/upload/image/tom_joyner1.jpgToday will provide Black America with unprecedented up-to-the-minute coverage via his , BlackAmericaWeb.com and the 1-866-MYVOTE1 hotline

 The (), the nation’s No. 1 nationally syndicated urban radio show, will bring its listeners unparalleled coverage through a special radio broadcast and an exclusive Tom Joyner Blog Party on BlackAmericaWeb.com .   The will air a historic extended broadcast from 5am ““ 12pm today from the Obama Presidential Campaign Headquarters.   Black America is invited to stay with Joyner and the crew all day long through their local affiliate or online at BlackAmericaWeb.com.
As always, the Tom Joyner Morning Show plans to deliver unprecedented content throughout Election Day.   Tom Joyner along with co-hosts Sybil Wilkes and J. Anthony Brown will continue broadcasting exclusive continuous coverage LIVE from the heart of Chicago to help drive listeners to the polls, provide complete up-to-the-minute information on the day’s election process, and give 1-866-MYVOTE1 Election Trickery Reports .   TJMS regular contributors including Roland Martin , Ken Smuckler, Jacque Reid , DL Hughley , Rev. Al Sharpton , Sheryl Underwood , and Huggy Lowdown the Celebrity Snitch are al l appearing during the broadcast as well as exclusive interviews with Rev. Jesse Jackson , Donna Brazille , Al Gore , and the man of the hour, presidential hopeful Barack Obama .   The broadcast from today will be available all day on the “If You Missed It” page of BlackAmericaWeb.com.  
Additionally, as part of the special evening coverage, Sybil Wilkes will anchor BlackAmericaWeb.com Headlines Election Night Updates offering listener’s real time updates as the polls close across the country.   The reports will be a fusion of the latest return results mingled with timely commentary/reports from well known political pundits and election observers.   The :90 second segments will be available to listeners via their local Tom Joyner Morning Show affiliate.     The special evening coverage begins at 6pm CST with feeds to local TJMS affiliates at the top and bottom of the hour until 10pm CST.  
Also, during the evening from 6pm CST until midnight, Joyner will be a featured panelist on TVOne’s special Nov. 4 th broadcast LIVE from Grant Park in Chicago .   Michael Eric Dyson will join Joyner in providing commentary and perspective as well as TJMS’ senior analyst, Roland Martin, who will be reporting live from CNN’s election headquarters in New York .   During the TVOne broadcast Joyner will continue to provide 1-866-MYVOTE1 Election Trickery Reports , making sure that there will be few, if any, voters being systematically disenfranchised.