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The Sixth Annual GIANTS OF BROADCASTING Awards Ceremony

The GIANTS OF Awards Ceremony and Luncheon will take place in ’s Grand Hyatt Hotel on SEPTEMBER 25, 2008, sponsored by the national Library of , which has among its life missions defining and honoring those individuals who played pivotal roles in creating and advancing the electronic arts. CHARLES OSGOOD of Sunday Morning and will be the Master of Ceremonies for the fifth year.

The Honorees

ROBERT C. WRIGHT served longer as head of than any executive since the founding David Sarnoff. He became president in 1986 after the network’s acquisition by General Electric and turned it, if not upside down, at least sideways. He moved the senior of broadcasting’s Big Three out of radio and , unabashedly, into cable, a medium he had learned to respect as president of Cox Cable Communications. Two years later he joined NBC and Cablevision Systems in a deal that led to the start of a 24-hour cable network, CNBC. Then, with Bill Gates and Microsoft, he created MSNBC. Library of American Broadcasting’s resident scholar Douglas Gomery said of Wright: “He is credited with transforming NBC and maneuvering it through a key intersection of the technological, economic, political, social and cultural forces that helped shape U.S. television at the end of the 20th century.” Wright’s consuming outside interest is Autism Speaks, an organization he founded with his wife, Suzanne, that is dedicated to elevating concern and relief for that increasingly prevalent malady.

WILLIAM SHATNER has seemingly done it all in television, from a role in the Canadian version of Howdy Doody to his breakout hit in to his present Emmy-winning performance as Denny Crane in Television’s Boston Legal. It was , of course, that made him a television legend, but it is his present eminence in the David Kelley series that has sealed his reputation as an actor. The years between carried as many downs as ups for Shatner, but he has filled out his resume hand somely, with parts in over 50 films (many of them adaptations) and appearances in more than 80 television efforts ““ and , of course, Price Line commercials. The Montreal-born actor was trained in the Shakespearean school, which may be credited for his versatility.

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