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The Radio Round with Akiem Balium (all formats great insight)

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 width=RFFocus , I’d like to formally introduce you to a young man that I came across on his YouTube channel a couple of years ago. I was absolutely by his extreme knowledge of , not just urban but many formats. I wrote to him and asked him to write stories for RFFocus and we were finally able to touch base recently when I saw that he was writing for another great urban industry site… I didn’t want him to write just urban radio stories and when you read his posts, you will not believe he has never actually worked at a radio station. I enjoy his insight and I thought that you would to. His section is called The Radio Round with Akiem Balium. I encourage you to write in and ask him questions. Kev
Hello, Everyone!

Twitter: @Li495Akiem

As I normally say in my YouTube videos”¦.

What is good on the internet? And what is good in life? Call me Akiem. Or Li495 as many in Tubeland know me as.

I am a new blogger here to RadioFacts.com & I plan to do four columns a week here. I don’t plan to overwork myself because I am also working on other projects on the side as well, so I figured 4 would be enough.

I want to cover all formats, all cities, and all . Quite frankly, to tell you the truth, even though some folks have come up to me & said that I know virtually everything there is to know about radio, I really don’t know everything.

But then again, who really does?

Before I start writing actual columns & giving my take on the latest on the airwaves, I want to give some of the RFFocus audience insight as to how my journey with radio began.

It started in 2006 & I was living in a western suburb of called Douglasville. I was just starting the 11th grade and attending Alexander High School. One day, I had nothing to do. I was flipping through my radio & I was just casually listening to various Atlanta area stations for a while. I wasn’t just limiting myself to Urban stations like V-103 or WAMJ 102.5 (at that time it was an Urban AC calling itself simply “Grown Folks Radio”). I can listen to basically any kind of music which I guess is the reason I can listen to virtually any radio format. Flexibility can be an important asset for anyone looking to make it in the radio business.

I was already studying clips from Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey, Elvis Duran, & others around this time period. Stations will, of course, employ either local or syndicated morning hosts for morning drive as a way to get early morning commuters ready for another stressful day at the office. Harvey just got himself a new affiliate””now Entercom-owned 102.9 KBLX which was bought after its previous owner, Inner City Broadcasting, declared bankruptcy.

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