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The RFFocus Podcast Port: Reach the Entire Industry and Beyond with Your Message

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 width=“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.”
Maya Angelou

It’s time for a DIFFERENT kind of Urban . The number one winner of the RFFocus Top Urban Programmers of All Time Lee Michaels said it .. “ is lacking creativity. It’s not fun anymore!”

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As a radio pro myself who does this blog daily… I was most inspired when I heard the absolutely horrific interview a couple of weeks ago with Mary Shakelford (’s ex wife). The listener deserves SO much more than that.

I realized if the Tom Joyner show is on each morning and reaching 8 million urban radio listeners and this is the BEST that we can do, it is USELESS for me to complain another day… I knew at that moment after hearing that interview, I HAD to DO something to bring the much needed talent, ideas and concepts that I am constantly approached about for shows, jobs, voice over projects etc to the FOREFRONT. Not only to the urban industry but to the ENTIRE industry and to the WORLD.

Our mailing list consists of all types of readers, all radio formats, djs, radio decision makers, , corporations, celebrities, , Networks and more and Urban radio has been too silent about too many issues for too long, so I will start with this format. I am opening up this site, Radiofacts.com, to and broadcast everything from basic subjects to subjects urban radio and commercial absolutely won’t TOUCH.

There will be different categories and formats and/or channels and some of the subjects we will cover are below. (Please also see rules after some of the subjects.)

The one rule right off the bat is ALL Podcasts that are broadcast on this site will have to have a RadioFacts.com 5 second post at the beginning and a disclaimer at the end which I will send to participants.


The way it works if very simple. You send us your show (15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes) and we post it to the blog, rotate features and blast it to the industry and beyond. You don’t have to post your Podcasts on sites with 100,000 shows on it, and nobody has to look for you we will bring YOU to THEM. There is a small cost for the first 30 participants for marketing and space which is $10.00. a month. There will be a first and last month fee charged at beginning of service. A total of $20.00 to start via Paypal. No show will run if it’s not paid for in advance. Ask yourself these questions while you are putting your show together…

What makes them WANT to listen to your show?

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Kevin Ross: RFFocus.org CEO with over 20 years experience in the Industry. Ross is a former radio Program Director and Radio Jock. You can contact him by clicking the "Contact Us" button in the menu bar.