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The Prince George’s County Times is closing

The George’s County Times has ceased publication effective October 1, 2008.
Stopping the paper was already on our agenda but we had plans for a smoother transition, including moving to new office space, expand ing the circulation of our business magazine and launching a children’s magazine. The anticipated end of publication date was to be early first quarter 2009. However, a couple of events made it challenging to continue until next year:

First, the Washington Times, which has printed The Prince George’s County Times for the last 15 years, is downsizing and announced that effective immediately, it will no longer be able to hand le our account. We searched around for another company to print the paper for a few months but the economics of such a short-term contract were not reasonable.

Second, our land lord informed us that, at the end of our lease in January, our office suite in Largo is to be absorbed as part of a renovation project. We are guaranteed new office space, but at a higher rent. Under the circumstances, the land lord was willing to let us out of the current lease early.

With the coincidental convergence of the end of our printing contract and the end of our office lease, it was a good business decision to accelerate the end of the Prince George’s County Times.