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The Pan African Film Festival, partners with the National Black Arts Festival to showcase the “Cream of the Crop” in Atlanta

The Pan African Film Festival, partners with the National Black Arts Festival to    showcase the “Cream of the Crop” in Atlanta


July 13-14, 2011


The Pan African Film Festival (PAFF) is once again partnering with the National Black Arts Festival (NBAF) to bring two days of award-winning Pan African Films to Atlanta, Georgia, July 13 &14. All films will be screened at the beautiful Realto Center for the Arts, 80 Forsyth Street. Ticket prices range from $7 to $11 and are available at the box office or online at www.nbaf.org, (go to Summer festival and click onto “Film”)

“This year, we will be showcasing the ‘cream of the crop’ during our Atlanta presentation. The 2011 film line-up includes films that have won numerous international awards and many point to new directions in Pan African filmmaking. We are confident that our film audience won’t be disappointed with any film chosen,”  says Ayuko Babu, Executive Director of The Pan African Film Festival.

Based in Los Angeles, PAFF is the largest and most prestigeous Black film festival in the United States. Coming up on its 20th  Anniversary, PAFF screens over 150 new films every February at its flagship event in Los Angeles. It has partnered with the NBAF for the past 11 years to bring Atlanta audiences some of the best films made by and about people of African descent from the United States, Africa, the Caribbean, South America, the South Pacific, Europe and Canada.



Wednesday, July 13


10:00 AM  – NBAF Film Classic


Stormy Weather  (US/Narrative Feature/1943/78min)

Director: Andrew Stone

Dancing great Bill ‘Williamson’ sees his face on the cover of Theatre World magazine and reminisces: just back from World War I, he meets lovely singer Selina Rogers at a soldiers’ ball and promises to come back to her when he “gets to be somebody.” Years go by, and Bill and Selina’s rising careers intersect only briefly, since Selina is unwilling to “settle down.” Will she ever change her mind? Concludes with a big all-star show hosted by Cab Calloway.

Stars Lena Horne, Bill Robinson and Dooley Wilson

Wednesday, July 13


12:00 PM

Manuscripts Poster

The Manuscripts of Timbuktu  (South Africa/Documentary Feature/2009/74min)

Director: Zola Maseko                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Atlanta Premiere

All but forgotten by the West, the life of powerful Black icon and one of Africa’s greatest scholars, Ahmed Baba, is examined in the context of his life in Timbuktu along with the thousands of remarkable manuscripts of Timbuktu. Once a center of world scholarship and learning, Timbuktu was at the crossroad of trade and ideas. Hundred of universities, run by scholarly families, hosted students from the world over. None, however were held in higher esteem than Ahmed Baba. Beautifully shot on location in Timbuktu, this dramatization of the life of Ahmed Baba brings to the fore his revolutionary and unwaivering attitude as well as his written works, an inspiration to all. Stars Eriq Ebouaney (“Lumumba”).  Winner of the Walter Mosley Award -Real Life Documentary Film Festival-Ghana 2009    





New “N” Word, The  (US/Narr short/30min)

Director: Sowande Tichawonna                                                                                                                                                    Atlanta Premiere

A comedic series of events insues when a workplace dispute in “post-racial” America spirals out of control. Raymond plots to save his job. His plan? The new “N” word.


Wednesday, July 13


2:30 PM

Sing of a Poster

I Sing of a Well  (Ghana/Narrative Feature/2009/100min)

Director: Leila Djansi                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Atlanta Premiere

Set in the ancient Mali Empire before the emergence of white slave traders, Prince Wenambe wins the throne from his father when he hands over the kingdom to Mansa Musa for protection from slave raiders. Basking in his glory as royalty, Wenambe tirelessly seeks after the beautiful Soraya who is betrothed to and in love with Dume, a lowly hunter. Revolving around a love triangle that is fuelled by pure love, passion, uncertainty and abuse of power, the story unfolds with elements of humor, suspense and romance.  Winner of the British Academy Film & Television Arts (BAFTA) Prize at PAFF 2011.  Not appropiate for children under 14 years.



Wednesday, July 13


5:00 PM

From a Whisper Poster  

From a Whisper  (2009/Kenya/79min)

Director: Wanuri Kahiu                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Atlanta Premiere

Abu is a quiet, hardworking intelligence officer who keeps to himself. When he meets Tamani, a young, rebellious artist in search of her mother, he decides to help, setting up a string of events that will lead to the revealing of a 10-year-old secret.  Winner Best Screenplay, Best Director & Best Picture, 2009 African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA); Winner Best Feature Narrative -PAFF 2010






Grace  (US/Narr short/13min)

Director: Roni Henderson                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Atlanta Premiere

Annie James spends her evenings praying in the run-down shack she calls her sanctuary. She prays for her eight-months pregnant daughter, Jeannie, who struggles to keep her heroin addiction at bay. On one night, we witness intimate catharsis between mother and daughter that breaks through the unspoken cycle of destruction offering the possibility of redemption.



Thursday, July 14


2:30 PM  – Documentary Series  

Subborn as a Poster  

Stubborn as a Mule!  (US/Short Documentary/2010/43min)

Director: Arcelious J. Daniels & Miller Bargeron, Jr.                                                                        Atlanta Premiere

A discussion of the ignorance, inequality, injustice, and immoral attitude of the majority of Americans toward African-Americans’ appeal for reparations. Since 1865, African-Americans have been marching in a perennial struggle for equality and justice in a democratic nation that was forged in the pursuit of “Liberty and Justice for all.” But somewhere along the line the word “All” seemingly excluded the African-American race that laboriously helped build this nation through many atrocities and adversities. With the help of such leading authorities as Dr. Cornel West (Princeton University), Dr. Robert St Martin Westley (Tulane University), Dr. Preston T. King (Morehouse College), Dr. Charles Elmore (Savannah State University), and Dr. Na’im Akbar (Florida State University), “Stubborn As A Mule!” embarks on a journey to show Americans the truth and enlighten them about the call for reparations for African-Americans.  Winner: Best Africa Diaspora Documentary-African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) 2011


Shaft or Sidney Poitier: The Emergence of Black Masculinity in Comic Book(US/Short doc/55min)

Director: Jonathan Gayles                                                                                                                                                                                    Atlanta Premiere

As a young boy, the filmmaker loved comic books and the escape that they provided. However, as a young Black boy, his ability to truly escape was limited by the fact that many of the heroes were White. In addition to addressing more than forty years of representation of Black men in comic books, this documentary critically examines the earliest representations (1965-1977) of Black masculinity in comic books and the troubling influence of race on these representations. Within the last several years, many scholars have critically engaged comic books as a legitimate source of scholarly interest and critique. Indeed, comic books represent a genre within popular culture that is older than the television. Thinking critically about the manner in which Black men were first portrayed in hero serials provides insight into broader societal conceptions of the Black man as character, archetype and symbol. Through interviews with prominent artists, scholars and cultural critics along with images from the comic books themselves, it becomes clear that the Black superheroes that did eventually emerge are generally constrained by stereotypical understandings of Black people and Black men in particular. From the humorous to the offensive to the tragic, early Black superheroes never stray too far from common stereotypes about Black men.



Thursday, July 14


5:00 PM

Viva Riva Poster
Viva Riva!  (DRC/Fr/Belgium/South Africa/Narrative Feature/2010/96min)

Director: Djo Tunda Wa Munga                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Sneak Preview

Riva is an operator, a man with charm and ambition in equal measure. War-torn Kinshasa is an inviting place. With petrol in short supply in DRC’s (Democratic Republic of Congo) capital, he and his sidekick steal barrels of fuel they can sell for a huge profit. Of course they’re not the only-ones who want the cache: Cesar is a ruthless, sharply dressed foreigner thriving in Kinshasa’s lawless streets; a female military officer joins the fray; even the church pastor will betray its tenets for a piece of the action. But Riva’s main nemesis is Azor, a crime boss in the classic style: big, decadent and brutal. He’s not a man to mess with, but his girlfriend, Nora, may just be the most seductive woman in all of DRC. When Riva catches sight of her dancing at a nightclub, it’s notlong before Nora matches the fuel cache as a coveted object of his lust. Marking a new genre of African film “Viva Riva” brings a new cinematic verve as it illuminates the contradictions, pain, loss, heroism, and hopes of 21st Century Africa.  Winner: Best Feature Film Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress-2011 African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA); Winner-PAFF Directors’Award for Best Feature Narrative- 2011PAFF

Not appropriate for persons under 18 years old.



Thursday, July 14


7:30 PM

Inheritance Poster  


The Inheritance (US/Narr/2010/90min)

Director: Robert O’Hara                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Atlanta Premiere

Five ambitious cousins set out on a family reunion during a winter storm. They hope to please the elders and secure their inheritance, a fortune that dates back to days of slavery. Their Uncle Melvin welcomes them with open arms, but warns them to respect their family traditions. During the weekend, as each of the cousins mysteriously disappears, they learn the truths about their family legacy, blood ancestor – Chakabazz, and the ultimate sacrifice they must make in exchange for their beloved inheritance. Stars Keith David, Golden Brooks, DB Woodside, Darrin Dewitt Henson, Rochelle Aytes, Lanre Idewu and Shawn Michael Howard.



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