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The New Numark IDJ PRO DJ Controller for iPad revealed

There’s been no lack of musical instruments being announced this week at the 2012 edition of NAMM pops up on the circuit, Numark bringing one fantastically amazing looking dj station to the scene complete with iPad integration. This device was showed off at the Media Preview Day for NAMM and features a gigantic slot right in the center where your iPad or iPad 2 fits in nicely, controlling the whole show. You’re meant to use this station with the Algoriddim djay app which we’ve also, lucky you, taken a hands-on look at last year. This massive station is made to take that experience to a whole new level.



The Numark IDJ station has nudge/scratch jogwheels, buttons for looping, pitch controls, and the whole shebang besides. You’ve got volume knobs all around, buttons for the programming, and full integration with the already diverse djay app. This unit is made for consumers mainly, but certainly has nothing large holding it back from being used in a professional party environment.

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