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The Industry Economy: Lack of Money or a lack of Valued Services?

I was having a conversation this morning with a top level record exec about a particular industry service that has been failing. He told me what I have always known, the industry will FIND money for a service if the industry deems the service important or valuable. It was interesting to hear someone with a perspective so close to mines. After years of working around so many negative black industry people including a couple of programmers, I finally have the freedom to think positive….

I hear people talking about the economy and how it is hurting everybody but is that true? I know several people who have had a very good year financially. In addition, there is a shift with consumers gearing towards the best , what is important and what is convenient. Craigslist for example is the staple for many people I know for , including me. From cars to furniture, people are no longer interested in paying outrageous interest rates or fees. What type of VALUE are we bringing to our customers, listerners etc? There is a tendency in the industry to think tenure and relationships will withstand any industry spending issues. That’s just not true, at least in 2009. Because those buying services may have to justify why they are buying the service and if there are no numbers or proof of the services value, that causes problems. Not to mention budgets are indeed limited to services that perform. There are many industry people who simply refuse to educate themselves. Experience for many sits in the driver’s seat and because of that the vehicle becomes dated and useless. All cars need tune ups.

As I watch many people feel like their hand s are tied, one of the top potential revenue streams remains untapped, station websites. Some programmers that I talk to on a regular basis just don’t want to take on that extra responsibility because they are not being pressured by corporate. In addition, it’s not more money in their pockets, it’s just more work. I can certainly understand that. But at the same time, as the corporations streamline and look for those who can multi task, being a webmaster is certainly something that can’t hurt you. The next time you tell someone “This industry economy sucks” please take a minute to think about what you have done to upgrade your skills so that you can be even more valuable to the industry… or to yourself..