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The Groove Radio Podcast is Celebrating 10 Years

New York, NY, March 09, 2013 –(PR.com)– Raised in Kansas, New York City DJ Suzy Chase has been a tour de force on the podcasting scene since 2003, turning a passion for soul music into a livelihood that has garnered her a reputation as a rare female podcasting pioneer. In 2003 Chase was podcasting on the little known iTunes platform. As podcasting starting making it’s way into the mainstream she found a podcasting platform and has been hosting her podcasts on TheGrooveRadio.com since 2005.

With the creation of TheGrooveRadio.com, Chase took her love for soul music and built the longest running, #1 independent soul music podcast. “Music ended for me in 1990,” says Suzy. As a highly respected soul music curator, Suzy currently syndicates the podcast on radio stations and holds down a DJ residency at the uber hip Trophy Bar in Brooklyn, New York. Internationally recognized for her in depth knowledge of soul music from the 1970 to 1990, Suzy has developed a loyal following.

Suzy Chase is at the leading edge of niche human music curation with TheGrooveRadio.com. When it comes to content 83% of listeners prefer human curation over algorithmic curation.

“But track down all these forgotten songs and string them together and you’ll get a hit parade from some slightly alternate universe. That’s the musical world that resides in Suzy’s head.” BushwickNation.com

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