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The Breakfast Club Interviews Migos

rfocus.org return to The Breakfast Club to talk Culture II, family values and much more.

  • Culture II
  • Last minute changes to the album
  • Being Hip-Hop heads
  • Grammy nomination
  • Having the foresight to get a business manager, someone to take care of finances
  • Why is the Atlanta sound accepted all over the world
  • Supporting each other’s solo projects
  • How do you make sure y’all stay together
  • Doing event with Envy at Perfections Night Club and getting paid $3000
  • What’s the lowest amount of money you accepted for a show
  • working with Iggy Izaela
  • Is there anyone you wouldn’t work with
  • catching flack for using the word ‘queer’
  • Growing from Bad choices
  • Migos biopic
  • Kanye Westproduced tracks on the album
  • Best country you traveled
  • Getting better at interviews
  • Critiquing each other’s verses
  • Takeoffis the best one from Migos
  • Takeoff Rapping aboutNicki Minaj
  • Trying to get Nicki and Cardi in the ‘Motorsport’ video
  • Glacier Boy project
  • ‘Culture National Anthem’
  • Giving back
  • Favorite Valentine’s song
  • Offsetcheating allegations

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