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The 10 Best UNSUNG Episodes So Far…

UNSUNG is along the same line as Soul Train in the sense that a MUCH NEEDED and much deserved series dedicated to the amazing accomplishments of black music would absolutely never get the exposure it deserves if it were not for a show like this. Hard to believe that Soul Train premiered 40 years ago and 40 years later there is STILL a lack of diversified black programming on the networks. While I may not agree with everything Radio One does, Cathy Hughes and Alfred Liggins get a HUGE thumbs up for TV One. I have no doubt this network has amazing potential starting with their biggest hit show UNSUNG. I cannot tell you how many emails we get about the show and how much people love the show and the reviews that we do. I was not aware that Al B Sure was the original voice over person for the first season of UNSUNG. Not sure if you will agree on our favorites .. but s we thought there are the 10 Best Ones so far… Here goes…

1. Vesta Williams width=

What made this episode so great was how it was produced just a few months after her death. The producers and writers managed to make the episode a celebration of her career instead of a morose tribute to all that she did not achieve. It’s was evident that she was in very high spirits about the episode and the last thing on her mind was that she would not be around to see the show premiere. Just let’s you know that life truly is short.

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Once again a great show, Rick James has already passed when the episode aired but who knew Teena would join him. I don’t think I have ever seen a tribute to her career like UNSUNG anywhere else and I was glad to see her get her just due.

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  1. I love unsung. However, some of the 80’s artist/ groups are weak. I would love to see the pointer sisters. The 70’s have a more diversity style of sound.

  2. Sorry the Spinners, Shalamar and the ones from kid and play movies…
    You know the ones that brought out lisa lisa and cult jam they all should have made this list

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