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That Time Grace Jones Switched Lanes: Feeling Like a Woman, Looking Like a Man and…


– Nightclubbing (Island Records – 1981)

by A.

“Disco was squeezing me into a room that was looking tackier and tackier” Grace Jones

When Jamaican Funky Reggae drummer Sly Dunbar dropped the beat on Grace Jones’ “Pull Up to The Bumper,” the effect on dancefloors around the world was tantamount to doin’ The Bump all the way down to the ground then grindin’ back up again…in 360 degree thrusting rotations. The sex of it was infectious, feverish and freeing. No one had heard anything like its tantric yin/yang mix of fat organic bottom and electronic riddim, bells and whistles. “Bumper” rang the alarm for a whole new hybrid of aural seduction and lifted Ms. Grace Jones from fashion-plated music underground to a force with which one lusted to be reckoned. It marked the sweet, sweat-soaked success of a woman primed and ready to pimp trends and Funk-Pop Art on their safety clip-pierced ear, and her own turf.


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A. Scott Galloway is a Music Journalist based in Los Angeles with background as a drummer and in radio and music retail. His specialty niche is writing liner note essays for reissues and anthologies of music by Classic Soul artists for which he has composed over 300 projects. He recently wrote the Foreword for the coffee table book "Invitation to Openness: The Jazz & Soul Photography of Les McCann."

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