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TD Jakes Attack Sermons on Gays, Boomerangs

jakesI have to admit, It was no while I was living in Atlanta that TD Jakes had an, alleged, gay living there. Whenever Jermaine Jakes’ name came up people would laugh at the irony. While I knew about TD’s for a while, because of TD, I kept it quiet… I know TONS of people from all aspects of the industry that are gay, bi and even vegetarians (laugh) some that would SHOCK and I mean SHOCK you, but industry people are off limits here UNLESS it makes the .   Ironically, TD Jakes has said some pretty vicious things about and lesbians, even those in his own church. I was watching one of his tapes where he asked all the gays and lesbians to leave including choir members (laugh). I’m sorry, this is somewhat funny… you know I have a dark sense of humor. Now his SON has been busted jacking off in a pa width=rk with some other dudes while trying to pick up undercover male officers. Haven’t industry people learned from Tevin Campbell? (OK, that is not funny) Nevertheless,   how will TD explain THIS to the congregation? This is even worse than talking about adulterers then getting busted with a jump off..

Read the affidavit and charges here

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