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Talib Kweli Takes Advantage of Online Radio and Creates His Own Station


talibWe are living in a day and age where are taking advantage of the tools given to them. Talib Kweli is a prime example of an artist that seems to be doing it his own way. He has just created another potential revenue stream for himself by getting into the of online .

Talib Kweli has announced that he is launching his own radio station on Radionomy (radionomy.com), one of the largest user-generated radio station platforms for , listeners and broadcasters worldwide. The station, which can be accessed through Radionomy (www.radionomy.com/javottiradio), will feature music from Kweli, as well as artists from his label, Javotti Media, and will serve as a destination for all things Hip-Hop, including interviews, news and commentary on politics, culture and entertainment.

Creating a Personal Connection with Fans
Kweli’s station demonstrates the next wave in entertainment in an era where fans seek a more personal connection with their favorite artists. According to Radionomy, while a signature radio station such as Kweli’s may seem like an obvious way to connect with fans and expand your audience, the technology and business hurdles of running a station have been a barrier for even the most high-profile artists.

“We offer the ability to create and run a fully functioning radio station from any web-enabled device,” said Thierry Azcarez, US Manager, Radionomy. “This gives artists like Kweli a perfect platform to communicate with their audiences without having to deal with the business or technology hassles of radio.”

A Radio Platform for Touring Artists — Removing the Barriers to Running Your Own Station

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