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Susan Boyle Destroys Music Industry Image Standard… for Good

Looks like are the Video Star that killed the Radio Star, or at least the reality shows are killing the concept of video stars.

Let’s face it, 1 year ago would have been given a mop and a bucket and pointed to the nearest bathrooms to clean if she walked into a record label. Had she stated she was looking for a deal, record label execs would have literally never stopped laughing. Almost 50 years old, overweight, not easy on the eyes and the MOST unlikely cand idate for a record deal or a 1st smash hit record Boyle, 48, scored massive numbers on the Billboard sales chart breaking new ground that even makes Fantasia, Adam Lambert and ’s signings result in a mere yawn. According to figures provided by Nielsen SoundScan, Dream moved just shy of 701,000 albums in its first week on the charts, which gives Boyle the 2009 sales crown in the U.S. over Eminem’s Relapse, which sold 608,000. Boyle also topped the record for the highest debut by a female solo artist in the SoundScan era, Ashanti’s self-titled 2002 , which held the previous record at 503,000.

How did all of this happen? She came out of her shell and took a chance… to amazing results. The once lonely, middle-aged woman admitted her life was once a whirlwind of nothing more than going to work and taking care of her cat. Look how that has changed.   Jennifer Hudson opened the door for the impossible when not even a winner on american idol she won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for Dreamgirls. So these days, it just boils down talent, exposure and how much the audience likes you. Isn’t that the way it should have always been?


  1. It doesn’t matter how you’re discovered, what you look like or how old you are as long as you have talent, and Susan Boyle does.
    She has one of the most beautiful and touching voices I’ve ever heard.
    I hope the music industry will give other people like Susan a chance and realize that the public is tired of the talentless stick figures that are being shoved down our throats.
    This is the first ablum I’ve bought in years.

  2. I am not at all surprised that Susan is doing so well – what astounds me is that the music industry is surprised! Susan Boyle is a lovely LADY with an incredibly glorious voice who has recorded a hauntingly beautiful album. How can it miss?

    Perhaps the world is tired of all the so-called singers who do nothing more than parade around half naked, scream into a microphone, and call it music. Perhaps we’ve had enough of drugs, immorality, and lewdness from wannabe stars. Maybe we’re ready for a genuine, decent, sweet Lady with the voice of an angel. Looks that way.

  3. I have NEVER bought an Album in my whole life of 65years.
    Yet I bought this one…..and it’s worth every penny.

    What a voice….

  4. I agree with Lonnirose………….I think we are all ready for something fresh and clean and natural on the music scene, somebody with real talent ……..i.e. somebody who can actually SING ! Do the music industry moguls have any idea how tedious it gets looking at women’s breasts falling out of their clothes ?

  5. The music industry needs a wake-up call, and Susan is giving it to them. Many of us have had enough of listening to screeching and screaming from females who couldn’t carry a tune in a basket. All they have is a body they gyrate around and some sort of gimmick — and then they call themselves a musical “artist”. Susan has a voice that is touchingly beautiful and interprets musical lyrics in a way that the listener can feel. She’s one classy lady.

  6. I’ve been rooting for her since I saw that first video. I’m a big fan of what is known as “the great American songbook” and she’s got the voice for it. These songs generally work better when the singer has lived a bit. When she sang “I Dreamed a Dream,” it worked not only because she sang it well, but you believed her.

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