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Surviving the Urban Radio arena…

… it’s no different than surviving the ghetto..
Kevin Ross

The other day, I was in a rush to make it to a meeting when I stopped off to pay my past due electric bill. It was just one of those things that you know you have to take care of but for some reason you wait until the last minute and it always ends up costing you more, then you have the nerve to complain about YOUR mistake (laugh)

Growing up in, what I like to call the EPITOME of a ghetto taught me my survival skills and it also destroyed future opportunities for me. The Town Garden Apartments in Buffalo, New York is a place that I would have shock therapy to forget. I learned early on that the world was against me and every day was a fight for survival: personally, spiritually and physically. The minute you walked out the door, you were walking into a war zone and being friendly, kind or against the grain were grounds to be destroyed. I leaned to have an edge with my personality that served to protect but moreover harm me in future.

Many of us grew up the same way; we learned to always be on guard and to never express gratitude or kindness, as they are traits and signs of weaknesses in the ghetto. I say all that to say we have been mislead, lied to and bamboozled by our OWN thinking. Thinking this way will not only lead to but will guarantee failure, frustration, cynicism and bitterness in the short term AND the long run.

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