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Supreme Radio Legend Magnificent Montague Falls on Hard Times forced to sell Valuable Collection

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I can’t help to think how unfortunate it is that we didn’t learn about this story sooner and that perhaps the urban industry could have purchased some of these priceless treasures one of our own collected during his days starting in 1956. Magnificent Montague is responsible for the catch phrase “Burn Baby Burn” a sentiment that was echoed during the Watts Riots in 1965. Sadly, there were no takers (after this video was made) and the collection is now up for auction to help pay off Montague’s mounting bills.

The Montague Collection

“People say that blacks were ignored in history, but this collection shows that they did write, that they were written about, and that they were drawn, and shown as part of American culture. This isn’t a political statement. This is history.”
Nathaniel “Magnificent” Montague, Times, October 12, 1988

United Asset Management Services welcomes you to the Montague Collection of art and artifacts. Covering Black History from the slave years to the height of the Civil Rights Movement, the Collection is a testament to the determination and of famed former R&B DJ Nathaniel Montague and his wife and researcher Rose Casalan. It comprises more than fifty years of purchases from garage and estate sales; antique and book shops; and private collectors and auction houses, in both the and .

The Collection features a marvelously diverse and balanced array of over 8,000 items. Nathaniel and Rose felt strongly about not excluding anything of relevance, regardless of the sensitivities involved. History cannot be censored and retain its truth. Some items in the Collection may shock and anger the viewer, but they all serve to illuminate the reality of the African American experience.

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  1. Mr. Ross, Thank you so much for posting this information from our Montague Collection website (www.unitedams.com/MontagueCollection). I invite serious, qualified prospective buyers of the Collection to register through our interest form to receive the code to access the complete inventory list, inventory photos, and catalogue. I would like to add that the Collection is currently for sale in its entirety, and is not at this time available piece by piece in a traditional auction context. It is our hope that the Collection will be preserved intact, as Mr. Montague and Ms. Casalan wish. Martha Kader, The Montague Collection Project Manager, Las Vegas, NV

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