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RF PRO-files: Atlanta’s Streetz 94.5 Brilliant Programming Concept Captivates Often Ignored Listeners

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Steve Hegwood is having a ball… because he is doing what he loves to do on his own terms with his own company. There are not many  urban who can say that right now and while the thought of being an entrepreneur in today’s urban arena may be far-fetched to most, it is foremost to programming vet Hegwood. He is experiencing the excitement and the lure of what Mom and Pop owners experienced in the 60s and 70s. These days Mom and Pops no longer exist (outside of a few smaller market heritage stations) because corporations and syndication have dominated the urban radio landscape, so Hegwood’s station , is pretty much in a class by itself in a climate where research dominates tight and predictable playlists and on air presentation. In addition, black programming pros who once relished being on the cover of industry trades are now forced to remain under the radar so they don’t ruffle corporate feathers having to ask for permission to even promote themselves. This appears to be a dominant force mostly in the urban radio arena and at the absolute worst time. These are the days of social networks, digital media and FREE worldwide promotion. Hegwood’s timing is impeccable because he can single-handedly have the freedom to promote his skills, talents, his brand, extend his playlist, secure local advertisers and even feature and break up-and-coming artists in one of the top markets for up-and-coming artists… .  Doing what the corporate radio stations can’t has garnered the outlet an average 3.2 share 18 to 34.  This nonetheless is very impressive for a station with a limited signal and it proves how successful a true radio programmer can be when he knows the market and has the uninterrupted autonomy to program.

Atlanta is one of the most interesting urban radio markets in the country. It has the most urban stations and is probably one of the only markets that runs a majority of the  syndicated urban morning shows. The market has seen some drastic changes over the last year and a half. Frank Ski parted ways with V103 after a 14 year run and the new morning show with Ryan Cameron is facing ratings challengers like Rickey Smiley.   Smiley has physically moved into the market as well as Steve Harvey and while all of this is taking place Vet programmer Steve Hegwood introduced Streetz 94.5 to the market almost two years ago brilliantly taking advantage of all the confusion, changes and programming concepts that the local radio industry has ignored in lieu of corporate structure and research. “He’s going against the grain and in a brilliant way” one local programmer, who asked not to be identified based on corporate rules, stated to RFFocus .

(pictured APD/Afternoon Drive Personality Jay-Tek)


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