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Street Kings Movie Trailer: Common/The Game/Keanu Reeves

This is not something that I personally would see, pretty typical sh…, surprised at the ensemble cast sans Common and .

In KINGS, a police thriller directed by David Ayer, Keanu Reeves plays Tom Ludlow, a veteran Vice Detective. Ludlow sets out on a quest to discover the killers of his former partner, Detective (Terry Crews). Academy ® Award winner Forest Whitaker plays Captain Wand er, Ludlow’s supervisor, whose duties include keeping him within the confines of the law and out of the clutches of Internal Affairs Captain Biggs (Hugh Laurie). Ludlow teams up with a Robbery Homicide Detective (Chris Evans) to track ’s killers through the diverse communities of . Their determination pays off when the two Detectives track ’s murderers and confront them in an attempt to bring them to justice.

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