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Storytellers Campfire Commemorates Anniversary with New Story Segment to Light-Up the Global Audience

Storytellers Campfire Commemorates Anniversary with New Story Segment to Light-Up the Global Audience Bellevue, WA, November 24, 2012 –(PR.com)– Sitting around the campfire telling stories and listening to music has been an ancient tradition for thousands of years. , Lady Selah SuJuris of the Ontario Indigenous Ojibwa Nation had first hand knowledge and experiences of the campfire being used as a warm place to come together and listen to the elders teach through their . “This is how the idea was born within me, to create a place where everyone around the world could join us. I love , reading and researching so I chose to invite others who have contributed in , poetry, and storytelling, as well as music to come to our campfire and share with the world. The advancements in radio and the World Wide Web have given us the opportunity to utilize the technology to create a worldwide campfire,” stated Lady Selah.

Storytellers Campfire recorded its first show back in November 2006 but it took awhile to get the word out. Then after launching the program on a Pacific Northwest Station on November 16, 2008; Radio and the World Wide Web has weaved Storytellers Campfire into forty three countries and fourteen additional provinces and nations tune in and enjoy the program, making it a global campfire.

The program has primarily featured authors, poets and musicians however; the staff has kept the program interesting and diversified by featuring storytellers, young writers, business and health interest, cooking, educational and historical shows as well as biblical theology and a few tough subjects such as bullying and domestic violence in relationships. “Losing Elizabeth,” a Newly Released Book by Author Tanya Peterson, featured on the Show drew worldwide attention and became one of the highest listened to shows since the programs inception, because the Program Director wanted to feature the book and discuss the topic (of a young girl in an abusive romantic relationship) as a teaching and educational program. The Genealogy Mini-Series, “Writing Your Own Story” featuring Genealogy Researcher George Snyder and the three part Bible Mini-Series was nominated for awards in 2011 and 2012. Both were nominated for their research and the unique manner of delivery which proved to be historical, educational and acts as effective researching tools for their listeners.

Main features of the Show are Author’s Voice, Poetry Wheel, Writer’s Circle, The Children’s Program featuring books for kids, Campfire Musician’s, and in addition to these segments on Friday, November 23, 2012; Storytellers Campfire will launch their New Segment; “Story Tales” which will feature a 15 minute short story entitled “The Gold In The Orchard.” This new segment is featuring , lesson , teaching , moral , song , storyteller’s , real life experience , educational , and the short stories will be told by a variety of Host. One special feature on the New Segment will be Grandmother##Q##s Basket, Hosted by Grandmother Mazina, who currently Host some of the Shows on the Children##Q##s Program. Grandmother Mazina will be on Episode 2: Oh My Look At That Nose; on Story Tales on November 30, 2012 at 1:00 Pm Pacific Time.

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