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Steve Harvey #2 in Detroit

With Drew Lane’s official departure from WRIF-FM (101.1) still a hot topic, it’s interesting that in the final Arbitron ratings for the winter 2008 (January-) “book,” released Tuesday, the Drewless “Drew and Mike” had a strong showing over the winter.

“Drew and Mike” went from being the fourth-ranked among all listeners in the fall, to third. For the age 25- demographic, the show surged to a 10.3 share and . 1 rank, over its 9.6 fall share.

There was also joy in the morning for Mojo, Spike and crew from WKQI-FM () over their No. 3 ranking in the morning for adults age 25-54, a jump from No. 5 in the fall. “Mojo in the Morning” also enjoyed a bump in the overall morning ratings, from a No. 7 rank in the fall to No. 5 in winter. What does it all mean? We’ after the spring 2008 ratings come in if a huge number of WRIF listeners were tuning in expecting Drew Lane to return, but clearly now Mike Clark and his cohorts can relax and focus on honing their own identity as a show.

In the overall station rankings, urban contemporary (92.3) (The Mix) is still top of the heap, with a strong start in the morning with its syndicated “ Show,” which ranks No. 2 in both overall and adults aged 25-54. [source]

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