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Stephanie Mills Doesn’t Consider Her Career & Life to be Unsung

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 width=In an interview with the , revealed that she doesn’t want anything to do the very popular One show “Unsung.”  “I don’t like that show.” “They have approached me quite a few times, but I [won’t] do that show.”

“I’ve always been very private and at 55 I don’t want to open up my life to that,” said the winner.  “They’ve done and they even wanted me to say something about her on that show, and I love Angela, we’re sisters. But I had to tell her, ‘I don’t want to do that.’ … I’m not that girl.”

Mills, who herself has endured three failed marriages and is the single mother of a child with special needs, has no interest in being that forthcoming with her own story. “I don’t want to get on these shows and open my life up; I don’t think it’s anyone’s business.”

Although the series highlights the business and personal struggles that kept each artist from achieving commercial success, Mills doesn’t feel that her career has gone unnoticed.

“I just think that it’s not for me,” she furthered. “Let me sing, let me do my , let me do music.”

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