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Southern California Broadcasters Association Debuts its “SCBA Spotlight on…”

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The Southern California Broadcasters Association (SCBA) has introduced the first in a series of high profile, in depth client interviews that are called “SCBA Spotlight on…” The debut interview is now available for its Southern Californiamember Radio stations, clients, PR firms, and the press, via its website at www.scba.com.

The series will be an ongoing effort of the SCBA to showcase and highlight the vast amount of Radio clients in Southern California and their unique and singular success using Radio as a strategic partner in their business growth.

Southern California Radio clients have such rich and diverse backgrounds and their lives and stories are so compelling, we wanted to highlight their success and showcase their and how our member Radio stations have played a critical and strategic role in that ,” said SCBA President, Thom Callahan.

The SCBA is beginning its First “SCBA Spotlight on…” Interview with Mr. , one of the leading legal defense attorneys in Southern California and the founder of the Matian Law Firm, APC. Matian is one of Southern California’s most successful Radio advertising clients, and through his advertising agency, 711 Media, places extensive campaigns on Hispanic Radio in our region.

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