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Soul Train Music Awards Final Stop

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“The famed is baked according to Reuters Life! mostly because black A-list celebs don’t bother to participate. A spokeswoman said the show would not go ahead with its 22nd annual installment this year, but a reason was not specified. At last year’s event in Pasadena, most of the winners did not show up, including such A-listers as Knowles, , John Legend and Gnarls Barkley. The show takes place a few weeks after the Grammys, the music ’s top awards. Similarly themed ceremonies like the BET Awards have also provided some competition.

Some think that since the The “Soul Train” show has been canceled it has affected the award show’s leverage since the former show was a springboard for many urban artist and their projects…. but the ’s doesn’t have a show

I remember meeting at an industry even some ago and I told him how much I respected what he has done in the industry. The motha fooka grunted at me (laugh). He never had a reputation for being a nice guy.

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