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Soprano's Actor Commits Suicide

The Brooklyn actor who played Johnny Cakes “ the gay-fireman lover of a mob capo on “The Sopranos” “ killed himself in a holiday tragedy that has stunned family and friends.

The front door to John Costelloe’ Sunset Park home was still sealed with police stickers yesterday, more than a week after the rugged 47-year-old actor committed .

Costelloe, a former FDNY firefighter, shot himself in the head in his basement bedroom on Dec. 16, cops and pals said.

Costelloe had a crucial four-episode arc on “The Sopranos” in 2006, playing short-order cook Jim “Johnny Cakes” Witowski. In the hit hbo series, actor Joseph Gannascoli – a longtime friend of Costelloe’s – played mobster and closeted homosexual Vito Spatafore, who fled New Jersey after he was outed. “I was shocked when I heard, and it still ’t really sunk in,” Gannascoli told the Post. “I never detected anything troubling about him. I enjoyed all the time I ever spent with him.”

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