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Songs Music Publishing Wins Bidding War and Signs Lorde for $2.5 Million

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lorde-billboard-650-430After extensive bidding war that included some of the world’s top like Kobalt, Sony/ATV, Universal Music Publishing Group and Spirit, 17 year old sensation ,Lorde has finally signed with in a worldwide deal that includes her debut EP, “The Love Club,” top-selling full-length “” and future recordings.

The deal is rumored to be worth $2.5 million according to a person that was close to the camp.  The deal comes on the heels of her breakout success with single “Royals,” which this week extends its reign on the Hot 100 to .

After several meetings with the young phenom and her management, Songs A&R Ron Perry  was able to secure the deal with Lorde and her managers, Scott Maclachlan and Tim Youngson.

“She could have signed anywhere she wanted to sign, and I don’t know what other people were offering, but as we often say — music publishing is about relationships and it’s about people,” Pincus says. “Ron really connected with Ella and vice versa, and it’s really a tremendous opportunity for us. I’m incredible proud to be Ella’s publisher — we think she’s a once-in-a-generation type artist.”

“My A&R guy Corey Roberts picked up on her in January, and sent me an email saying, ‘Stop what you’re doing,’” he says. “That was pretty ballsy considering he just started working for us six weeks prior. But I did, I flipped out right away, I played ‘Royals’ for Matt and he heard the first 12 seconds and was like, ‘That’s a hit.’”

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