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It continues to be misreported that Actor ’ convictions were for tax evasions when in fact it was failure to file returns.

The legal problems of internationally known action star Wesley Snipes officially started in 2006 when he was indicted with two other co-defendants in tax charges conspiracy and failure to file taxes.   The IRS was asking that Snipes be found guilty on all of these charges and sent to a federal prison for 17 years. Even though Snipes has over the past 15 years lived either in , Los Angeles or , the government sought to have Snipes tried in Ocala, with the co-defendants.

In a trial that lasted almost three weeks before an all white jury, Snipes was acquitted of all charges except three misdemeanors for failure to file.   In May 2008 federal Judge Hodges sentenced the actor to three years for the misdemeanor convictions but granted his for bail pending his appeal.   The other two co-defendants were found guilty on all felony charges.

The legal defense team, lead by Atlanta Attorney Daniel R. Meachum, filed an appeal with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, which sits in Atlanta, challenging the sentence of three years for the three misdemeanor charges and for Ocala being the incorrect place where Snipes was tried.

On July 16, 2010, the Court of Appeals affirmed the convictions of Snipes and it was widely reported that Snipes would be going to prison to serve the three year sentence.

On July 21, the government filed a motion that the bail for Snipes be revoked and that the court order him to begin serving his prison sentence.

In a most bizarre turn of events the key in his trial, Ken Starr, who had been Snipes’ accountant, was arrested and indicted for in creating and running a $80 million Ponzi scheme defrauding such well known as Caroline Kennedy and famous photographer Anne Lebowitz, Sylvester Stallone, Uma Thurman and Martin  Scorsese.

During Snipes’ trial the defense had argued that the reason Snipes left Starr was because Starr had defrauded him causing him to seek other tax representation.   It is believed that Starr was under investigation by the same agency that was prosecuting Snipes ““ at the same time he was testifying for the government against Snipes.

After reports that Snipes’ appeal had been denied, Defense Attorney Daniel R. Meachum was contacted by email by a juror in Snipes’ stating that there were three jurors who from the beginning of the trial decided that Snipes was guilty even before any evidence or testimony had been in direct opposition to the instructions of the Court.

A similar juror’s action was revealed in former Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens’ criminal case causing the judge to throw out his conviction.

The defense team for Snipes has filed several motions including a motion to interview the juror because the courts do not allow attorneys to have contact with jurors even after the case is completed.

It seems that the government who sought to convict and imprison Snipes has quite a series of events to explain and overcome.

In what was reported as a watch for Snipes reporting to prison may turn out to be something quite different than what was originally reported.

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  1. It”s amazing that this thing has gone on this long. Any legal beagle with the basic understanding of Federal Criminal statutes knows that the charge of failure to file under IRC section 7203[failure to file] is not a stand alone statute, in order to prosecute someone lawfully under IRC section 7203[failure to file], these 3 elements must be present: 1. Identify the taxing statute, 2. Prove application of a liability statute, 3. Then apply the correct penalty statute. Additionally, why does this IRC section 7203[failure to file] don’t show up in Title 18 where Federal criminal statutes are situs? Come on people, with the vast amount of information available to human beings today, its no wonder why we are in the condition we are in when we fail to ask critical questions. Leave the opinions on the gold course, an research the above information. It has been said: My people are destroyed for there lack of knowledge. How true……

  2. it’s a trip to hear the full story, man. the propaganda against brothas in this coutry is a monster! life sure is rough on us brothas!! Hang in there, Snipes!


  3. I agree with both of these posts. Why is Snipes being used as the scapegoat? They didn’t do this ish to Willie Nelson, Nic Cage or anyone else who was NON-African American. They vilify the brothers…and I’m a Caucasian. What the hell is wrong with our justice system?

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