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Slacker replaces CBS in deal to power AOL Radio

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Slacker.Logo Slacker Inc., a San Diego online music company, has ousted CBS Radio in a to deliver to AOL Inc.’s 6 million listeners.

The deal, announced Tuesday and scheduled to take effect later this summer, will more than double Slacker’s audience of 5 million monthly listeners.

Though its users are just a fraction of the 34 million people a month who mostly tune in free to Pandora, a rival , Slacker has focused on getting its listeners to pay for its premium subscription services. About 6% of Slacker’s users, more than 300,000, subscribe to its ad-free or on-demand music service. Slacker hopes to win over even more subscribers from AOL’s pool of listeners.

AOL_Say_Canvas AOL, meanwhile, will get an online service that will help keep users on its sites. The New York Internet media company has been on a spending spree in recent years, snapping up hot Web properties such as the , TechCrunch and Engadget to beef up its online presence.

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