Skip Cheatham Out at KKDA


Industry vet K104’s has been let go from his dual position of PD and morning show host for Da Playground show on Dallas’ . He was terminated this morning after the show aired. Sources have informed me that former station host has made inroads to do his own syndicated morning show and it may be the replacement for Da Playground. Murphy, who has been out of the radio loop for the past couple of years is said to have a deal with (as stated in RFFocus months ago). Murphy is also working on getting the slot at .

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  1. its sad to hear this news, but as a up and coming artist in Dallas, its not surprising… many times, we struggle with trying to find someone to give our music a chance….of course, if its not the dance music that is typical of this city, you will get no play….its very deflating to know that you will not get a chance to bring your talent to the forefront simply because you dont have enough money….i hope this brings alot more thigns to the light and give us true artist a chance to enhance your radio stations……

  2. I am glad to hear this. I have not listened to K104 since Skip Murphy, Wig, Nanette and Sam Putney were there. The way they got rid of people was so shiesty!!! Bring that old school back! I now listen to satellite radio, no Dee jays to get attched to, no nonsense!!!!

  3. Man sad to Skip go, hate 2C jade and DD still standing (no hate personally to them). Radio wise can’t listen to them 4 too long. Hope the new host and new PD can bring up the quality of the MUSIC that is played. Need some funny people on there. Stale ass jokes, the show lost its variety long ago.

  4. First of all I would like to say skip cheatam sucked. K104 sucks they play the same 8 songs every day. flava shows the same videos every week. Ever since the sam putney robbery stange things have been happening. Why didnt they talk about Sam being robbed. It semms like they were afraid to talk about the sam putney robbery

  5. K104 in the morning is not going to be the same without him…I love Jade and DeDe is OK, but they the the original playground back sam putney chris arnold and FLY TY!!!

  6. Yes i was wondering wat was the website that skip is doing for the kids that dont have a father in their children life??

  7. im glad this happened i was a big fan of skip murphy and the morning team, so when they left it was a void, but when i tell you rickey smiley and these nutts are the funniest and honest shows since skip murphy, i dont listen to k104 at all, at all its not good, like watching tmz.

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