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SiriusXM Fires Anthony Cumia after Racist Rant Calls Black People “Animals” and “Violent Savages”



SiriusXM gave the boot to longtime Opie and Anthony show co-host Anthony Cumia. The radio host went ballistic after he claims he was taking a picture and a black woman was “in the frame” and she protested. The picture below indicates the woman was not only “in the frame” but he was actually taking a picture OF her as he does at various locations throughout New York and he posts the images on his twitter page. Mostly of unsuspecting women. The exchange escalated and Cumia claims he was punched by the black woman and he was harassed by several other black people who came to the woman’s defense.  He then went on an outrageously racist rant calling black people “Animals,” “Savages” and calling their environment “The Jungle.”  Cumia then posted the exchange on his twitter page when SiriusXM got word and promptly fired him. Cumia now claims that HE is the victim of racism. We’d love to hear the woman’s side of the story.

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