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Sirius Teams up with Apple's iPod: Was Apple's Intent to Destroy Commercial Radio?

apple__classic_1.jpg" alt=" width="332" height="400" />My is now like everything else by Apple, obsolete. think this mere external hard drive dressed up the Apple logo has helped to make the company rich over the last few years. Having an iPhone that has all the iPod accessories and external apps included is now in. That was a waste of $400.00 and the video thing doesn’t work anymore either. I remember thinking to myself when I bought it, with all the money that I am paying for this sh…, why is there no dial like Zune has? Over the last few years the industry has constantly pointed out “People are not listening to anymore everybody has those white earphones and they are listening to the iPod” then I realized it was pure genius for Apple NOT to include a radio dial on the iPod to get that message across by none other than the buyer himself. Apple was planning on taking over the music industry with iTunes and the iPod working in conjunction with each other. Aha. Nevertheless, Apple was too damn greedy and it failed. Almost every carry along gadget that Apple makes is expensive and it becomes obsolete within 1 year. Needless to say I have even replaced my iMac desktop several times over the last few years. A computer that I cannot imagine living without. I honestly feel sorry for PC users. I’m about to get the grand mother of them all, the iMac with the 24 inch screen. I have to admit, I’m addicted to the iMac and I could do a for the company and be sincere.. The best part about the iMac situation is, I can always sell my most recent one at damn near the full price on Craigslist when I upgrade. Sirius now has a doc that will broadcast Sirius content over the gadget.

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