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Shark Tank Biggest Fight is REALLY about… Sour Grapes (vid)


This is one of my favorite shows. It is SO obvious the other sharks were insulted because they got scooped. How can they conclude Lori and Damon were “feeling sorry” for this brilliant guy as if he’s needy? He got over a million dollars in scholarships, I think that’s brilliant.  I just graduated from college and I love his idea. He was only asking for $40,000 he was not being greedy or unrealistic. That’s all he needed to take his business to the next level without having insurmountable debt to investors. Once again, I think his plan is brilliant.  I have heard about people getting a ton of money for scholarships but they really ARE almost impossible to find and many do go unclaimed. Damon and Lori made a great call and gave this guy exactly what he asked for before the other sharks tried to dismantle his plan and his credibility. They are pissed because they lost.  Sour Grapes, Elitism and Entitlement.


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